Code Name: Blizzard

Arctic Attack Soldier

File Name: Von Trapp, Gottlieb

SN: 432-44-2464

Primary Military Speciality: Arctic Warfare Training Instructor

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantry

Birthplace: Leipzig, Austria

Grade: E-7

Blizzard led an experimental security team based at Thule, Greenland for an entire winter. Their objective was to determine that kind of training and conditioning worked best, to prepare men for combat in Arctic conditions. They found that training and conditioning had little effect. Only the hardest and meanest made it through the course, and Blizzard was the hardest and meanest of the bunch.

“The Arctic is totally unforgiving. You make one little mistake, you´ve had it. The cold makes you tired, and being tired makes you careless, and being careless makes you a statistic.
Blizzard doesn´t make mistakes and doesn´t get careless, he wants to make the other guys statistics.”



White helmet
Black Backpack w/detachable handles
2 Black snow shoes
2 Black skies
White machinegun
White handgun