Big Ben

Code Name: Big Ben

SAS Trooper

File Name: Bennett, David J.

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Subversive Operations

Birthplace: Burford, Englang

Grade: Staff Sergeant

Status: On second assignment in temporary exchange program from 22 SAS*

* Special Air Service

The British Special Air Service is roughly the equivalent of the American Special Forces and maintains an equally regorous standard for its recruits. The combat records of SAS* personnel are classified, but it is assumed that Big Ben participated in the initial recon operations in the Falklands campaign and in various covert operations. He received his initial training at Bradbury Lines Barracks in Hereford and was an cadre at the NATO LRRP** School in West Germany.

** Long Range Recon Patrol

“To qualify for the SAS, a candidate trooper must complete the ‘Long Drag’ which is a forced march over 30 miles through marshes and rough, hilly terrain, carrying 50 pounds of equipment. The march must be completed in less than 20 hours and is a grueling test of endurance and land navigation. Big Ben completed his march in 12 hours, had a bit of supper and volunteered to go back out and help search for candidates who got lost in the moors…”



Green bag
2x Black grenades
Black tripod
Machine gun
Green backpack