Code Name: Bazooka

Missile Specialist

File Name: Katzenbogen, David L.

SN: 112-40-0577

Primary Military Speciality: Armour Defeating Weapons System

Secondary Military Speciality: Tank Driver

Birthplace: Minnesota, USA

Grade: E-5

Bazooka was driving an Abrams tank in the “Third Horde” (Third Armoured Div.) when he came to the realisation that en illiterate farmer armed with a $200 disposable rocket launcher could knock out a million dollar tank with less than two weeks training. He put in for a transfer immediately.

“Training: Advanced Infantry School, Fort Benning; Armour School, Fort Knox. Qualified Expert: Dragon Anti-Tank Missile, Milan System, LAW Rocket, Recoilless rifle, LAW system, and all Warsaw Pact RPG Systems. Subject is also EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) qualified up to the tactical-nuclear category.”

Subject is a decisive fast-thinker with all the instincts of a natural survivor.



Green helmet
Green/olivedrape backpack
Black bazooka