Bazooka v3
– Battle Corps

Code Name: Bazooka

Missile Specialist

File Name: Katzenbogen, David L.

SN: 112-40-057

Primary Military Speciality: Heavy Weapons Specialist

Secondary Military Speciality: Blockbuster Driver

Birthplace: Hibbing, Minn.

Grade: E-5

Bazooka has been all over the world driving an Abrams tank with the “Third Hord” (Third Armored Div.) against Cobra forces. Extensive travelling made Bazooka homesick and long for his favorite hobby: fishing. Whenever he has to fight, the memory of home sends him raging into battle…and that´s no fish story because he´s one angry dude you DEFINITELY want on your side when the action heats up! Bazooka has trained at the Advanced Infantry School at Fort Benning and the Wildman Fishing Academy back in Minnesota

“When I explode into battle against those puny Cobra Vipers, it´s like shooting fish in a barrel!”




Green machinegun
Green rifle
Green submachinegun
Teal missile launcher
2x green missiles