Code Name: Barricade

Bunker Buster

File Name: Holsinger, Philip M.

SN: 434-8713-VW99

Primary Military Speciality: Bunker Buster

Secondary Military Speciality: Badger Driver

Birthplace: Pittsburg, Kansas

Grade: E-5

When Cobra takes over a city, it has to be won back block by block, house by house, room by room! Barricade, G. I. Joe┬┤s armored assault specialist, has nerves of steel and trip-hammer reflexes necessary for the job. Outfitted with a suit of flexible composite, laminate armor and a helmet with built-in infrared heat source sensors, Barricade can take on any Cobra agent in an urban environment and “knock his block off” with relative ease.

“Never kick down a door that you can blow down with a Satchel Charge!”



Gold/red helmet
Blue machinegun
Blue backpack
Blue missile launcher
Yellow missile