Code Name: Backblast

Anti-Aircraft Soldier

File Name: Menninger, Edward J.

SN: 000-6623-ME11

Primary Military Speciality: Air Defence Artillery

Secondary Military Speciality: Signal Corps

Birthplace: New York, New York

Grade: e-5

Backblast grew up in a house next to one of the busiest airports in the world. His bedroom was directly under the landing path of incoming jets. At night, the landing lights from descending jumbo-jets would shine through his window and the vibrations would shake the pocket-change off his dresser. When asked his job preferences upon his enlistment, he answered, “Where can I go to shoot airplanes out of the sky?”

“You get your best shot at a ground attack aircraft when it´s coming straight at you. Unfortunately, it usually fires everything it has in your direction. It´s the job of the Air-Defence Specialist to stand in the open with his launcher aimed at the incoming aircraft and wait for the lock-on signal before he can fire. I´m glad it is his job and not mine!”



Yellow ammo belt
Black binoculars
Grey knife
Green missile launcher (2 pcs)
3 Red rockets