Backblast v2
– Battle Corps

Code Name: Backblast

Anti-Aircraft Soldier

File Name: Menninger, Edward J.

SN: 900L-66-2311

Primary Military Speciality: Air Defence Artillery

Secondary Military Speciality: Signal Corps

Birthplace: New York, New York

Grade: E-5

Backblast grew up next to one of the busiest airports in the world. Airplane lights would keep him awake at night and the descending jumbo-jets would shake his house with the force of an earthquake. When asked his job preference upon enlistment, he answered, “Where can I go to shoot airplanes out of the sky?”. He went through basic training at Fort Benning and became the top obstacle course/endurance runner in his class. His athletic ability led him to complete in marathons across the globe. Today, if the Joes need a 60-mile recon patrol squad leader, or someone for an extended jungle combat tour, Backblast is their main man!

“Whether it be a covert mission or a full-scale attack, thereĀ“s no one tougher than G.I. Joe!”



Black rifle
Black machinegun
Black knife
2x black missiles
Black missile launcher