Code Name: Ambush

Concealment Specialist

File Name: McMahon, Aaron

SN: 849-1343-AM97

Primary Military Speciality: Concealment Specialist

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantry

Birthplace: Walnut, California

Grade: E-3

Ambush has no trouble staying out of sight. when he was ten years old, ambush participated in a neighborhood game of hide-and-seek, then disappeared for three days. it wasn´t until the national guard was called to aid in the search that his well camouflaged hiding place was discovered under his parent´s front porch. after he joined the army, he became so evasive that even his drill sergeant was unable to account for his where-abouts during the day.

“When this guy goes on assignment, expect the unexpected! There´s nothing he won´t do to accomplish his mission. once, he concealed himself as a shrub, tumbled into a heavily guarded cobra weapons depot, captured their base commander, then safely delivered him to G.I. Joe headquarters for interrogation! To this day, we still can´t figure out how he pulled it off!”



Dark/olivedrape helmet
Dark/olivedrape backpack
Dark/olivedrape rifle
Dark/olivedrape gun
4 Brown tent poles
2 Green camo nets