Code Name: Airtight

Hostile Environment

File Name: Schnurr, Kurt

SN: 307-42-4683

Primary Military Speciality: CBR (Chemical, Biological and Radiological Warfare)

Secondary Military Speciality: Ordnance

Birthplace: Munich, W. Germany

Grade: N/A

Kurt was the boy who could hold his breath the longest. He was also the boy who had the largest collection of plastic dinosaurs in his street. He was a strange child who grew up to be an even stranger adult. It takes a mighty odd person to walk into a cloud of toxic gas strong enough to fell a mutant weight-lifter cockroach wearing a protective suit built under contract for the government by the lowest bidder.

“Airtight is an unreformed practical joker; sneezing powder, whoopee cushion – the lot! No joke is too low for him. You´d think that the others would hate him, but they don´t. Because when the bad guys escalate the fire fight and start playing dirty, it´s old Airtight who suits-up and wades into the thick of it.”



Green backpack
Black rubber airhose
Black hose
Black “vacuum”-rifle