– Eco-Warriors

Code Name: Ozone

G.I. Joe Ozone Replenisher Trooper

File Name: Kunitz, David F.

SN: 245-7001-DK27

Primary Military Speciality: Environmental Health Specialist

Secondary Military Speciality: Chemical Laboratory Specialist

Birthplace: Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania

Grade: E-4

Ozone is the Eco-Warriors´ specialist in atmospheric-dispersal toxins and is equipped with a multi-purpose backpack capable of neutralizing various forms of airborne sludge and other harmful chemicals while replenishing the ozone layer around the Earth´s atmosphere. The backpack has built-in sensors, an analysis suit and an advanced chemical countermeasure computer, all of which are accessible by voice command through Ozone´s wide angle, holographic head-up display helmet faceplate.

“Fighting Cobra is tough enough, but having to duke it out with the bad guys while encumbered by a bulky, airtight suit and heavy breathing gear is next to impossible. But with Ozone on the job, neutralizing the atmosphere sludge, the G.I. Joe can shed their protective suits and bring the fight to Cobra in top form.”



Blue/Yellow helmet
Green rifle
Green gun
Green/Yellow backpack