Barbecue v3
– Eco-Warriors

Code Name: Barbecue


File Name: Kelly, Gabriel A.

SN: 9902-4896-BB41

Primary Military Speciality: Firefighter

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantry

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts

Grade: E-4

Already pre-trained and well-experienced in wearing cumbersome protective suits under fire in hostile environments, Barbecue is the perfect addition to the Eco-Warriors! As well as being fireproof and solvent-resistant, Barbecue´s new protective suit is air-conditioned, and contains a closed-system breathing apparatus with a one hour oxygen supply. It´s the ideal thing to wear to the next burning oil well or toxic chemical leak. His helmet is equipped with a handy snap off visor so that he can still open a bottle with his teeth!

“Makes no difference to me if it´s a four-alarm fire or a warehouse full of oozing toxic sludge, as long as I get a chance to knock down doors with my axe, you can count me in.”




Yellow/orange rifle
Yellow/Red backpack