Code Name: Windchill

Arctic Blast Driver

File Name: Steel, Jim

SN: 312-60-0386

Primary Military Speciality: Arctic Blast Driver

Secondary Military Speciality: Cold Weather Survival Instructor

Birthplace: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Grade: E-6

Windchill was an avid skimobiler and hunter until he discovered the Biathlon*. It seemed like the ultimate sport for him, and he might have qualified for a spot on the American team if he had not talked with Blizzard at the National Elimination Tournament. Somehow, the idea of getting paid to drive fast, heavily armed snow vehicles was more appealing than winning medals!

* An Olympic event that combines cross-country skiing and target shooting.

“Driving any sort of high-speed vehicle on snow and ice takes a lot more than maintaining the controls. The driver must be able to quickly spot immovable objects buried underneath loose powder, thin ice, or the way the wind can fill a crevasse with soft snow. Windchill can ´read´ Nature´s elements like a book, and that gives him the edge he needs to win in a winther battle!”



2 x black skis
Black rifle