Code Name: Wildcard

GI Joe Mean Dog Driver

File Name: Scott, Eric U.

SN: 102-65-0984

Primary Military Speciality: Armored Vehicle Operator

Secondary Military Speciality: ChaplainĀ“s Assistant

Birthplace: Northhampton, MA

Grade: E-4

Wildcard possesses an unnatural talent for breaking things. Sturdy steel machines, simple tools, delicate toys, immovable objects of cast iron, 8-piece dinner settings; nothing is immune to his uncanny destructive powers! Fortunately, that which is judged to be an abominable afflication in civillian circles can be a valuable skill in military ones!

“When Wildcard is driving the Mean Dog, the vehicle becomes an extension of himself, a raging engine of destruction, pulverizing all in its path. If the enemy, by sheer luck, manages to knock out the Mean Dog, they then put themselves in the position of having to deal with Wildcard directly! You should go so far as to call that a violation of the Geneva Convention!”



Green helmet
Grey sheath
Grey machete