Wild Bill

Code Name: Wild Bill

Helicopter Pilot

File Name: Hardy, William S.

SN: RA 056-403-211

Primary Military Speciality: Helicopter Pilot

Secondary Military Speciality: Fixed Wing Pilot, Aircraft Armourer

Birthplace: Hull, Englang

Grade: CW-4 (Chief Warrant Officer)

Hardy served as a combat infantryman and participated in various overseas operations during the 1960´s and 1970´s. Re-enlisted for Flight Warrant Officers School and has since remained in service.

Specialized Training: CLASSIFIED. Qualified Expert: M1911A1 Auto Pistol (prefers single action .45 long Colt revolvers), XM-16 Attack Rifle.

Amiable and slow talking. Wild Bill has always fancied himself as a country and western singer – and is never seen without his genuine Texas stetson. Totally honest in personal dealings, but not beyond spinning a tall tale for the amusement of his comrades.



No Accessories