Code Name: Updraft

Retaliator Pilot

File Name: Smithers, Matthew W.

SN: 223-2088-NQ43

Primary Military Speciality: Retaliator Pilot

Secondary Military Speciality: Weapons Systems Officer

Birthplace: Bismark, North Dakota

Grade: O-3

Updraft led the American team to victory two years in a row at the World Helicopter Championships and was a special instructor at the Flight Warrant Officer´s School at Fort Rucker before being selected for duty with G.I. Joe. His “hands-on” experience played an integral role in the final design of the Retaliator helicopter. Updraft´s input greatly added to the copter´s maneuverability, heavy-lift capability and battlefield survivability.

“Updraft molds the Retaliator to him the way he would a new suit. The machine becomes a part of him and even takes on his body language. If the G.I. Joes are in a hot situation, they´d like to see Updraft fly in to lay down cover fire and get them out of there!”



Grey helmet
Grey pistol