Code Name: Tollbooth

Bridge Layer Driver

File Name: Goren, Chuck X. (for nothing)

SN: 373-190-360

Primary Military Speciality: Combat Engineer

Secondary Military Speciality: Transportation

Birthplace: Boise, Idaho

Grade: SP-5

Tollbooth´s love for building started when he was six. His parents gave him a construction set for Christmas and he wore it out before he was seven. Every year his sets got bigger and more complex until he outgrew them all. Started building in earnest. Got his Masters in engineering from MIT. Needed a bigger challenge, so he joined the army expressly to sign up for the G.I. Joe Team.

Stalker says: “We´re on our way to an objective and come to an obstacle we can´t cross. River, crevasse, mountain, whatever… Tollbooth gets us across. He may build a bridge out of whatever´s there. Blast a pass through solid rock or lay down a four lane blacktop…The man´s got magic.



Grey sledgehammer