Code Name: Thunder

Self-Propelled Gun Artilleryman

File Name: Breckinridge, Matthew Harris

SN: RA 135-306-694

Primary Military Speciality: Artillery

Secondary Military Speciality: Bandsman (Drummer)

Birthplace: Louisville, KY

Grade: E-5

Thunder grew up next door to a foundry. A probably explanation for his fondness for loud noises. When asked his reasons for going artillery, his reply was simply: “I want to hear them go bang.” He has a passion for heavy metal rock and roll, peanut brittle and cars with bad mufflers.

“If you know where you are and you know where the enemy is, then artillery can be an exact science. But in the real world, artillery is half trigonometry and half blind luck. In other words, if you hit something, take the credit. If you miss, write it off as margin of error.”



Green helmet
Green antenna
Black visor
Black binoculars