Code Name: Steam-Roller

Mobile Command Centre Operator

File Name: Whitcomb, Averill B.

SN: 500-54-7793

Primary Military Speciality: Heavy Equipment Operator

Secondary Military Speciality: Artillery

Birthplace: Duluth, Minnesota

Grade: E-5

Steam-Roller worked heavy cranes on the Great Lakes´ docks, earthmovers in the strip mines of Applachia and graders on the four-lane blacktops of a half dozen states. He was driving an M-15A2, 50 ton transporter when he was picked up for the Action Force team. He may only be an E-5, but no matter who´s ranked above him on his Mobile Command Centre, Steam-Roller´s gut instincts are the ones in charge. Qualified expert with all NATO small-arms and explosives.

“He´s a moose. He considers a Peterbilt 10 wheel tractor a personal vehicle and a .44 Magnum a pocket pistol. He gets barred from bowling alleys for damaging the pins. He´s stubborn, treacherous, mean-tempered, bad-humored and uncouth. Has he got any good points? Well, he´s on our side…”



Grey knife