Spirit v3
– Air Commandos

Code Name: Spirit

Air Commandos Leader

File Name: Iron-Knife, Charlie NMI

SN: 492-8921-RP62

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry Tracker

Secondary Military Speciality: Air Commandos Leader

Birthplace: Taos, New Mexico

Grade: E-6

Spirit is the ultimate Native American mystic warrior. He´s a shaman of deep mystery, a peerless tracker and a doctor of Psychology. Strapped into the frames of a stealhty G. I. Joe Air Commandos glider, silently sailing the thermals and air currents over enemy territory, Spirit utilizes his tracking skills to spot barely noticeable signs of recent troop movements or camouflaged enemy bunkers. A qualified expert with most NATO small arms, Spirit is equally adept with the compound bow and throwing knife!

“When the Eagle Spirit is in me, I´m the lightning from the skies. I am the thunder from the storm!”




Black pistol