– Air Commandos

Code Name: Skymate

Glider Trooper

File Name: Toner, Daniel T.

SN: 026-3425-RG90

Status: Attached to G.I. Joe on second assignment from 3. Sabre. Sgn. Australian S.A.S. *

Birthplace: Queenstown, Australia

Grade: Corporal

*: Special Air Service

Skymate was handy with boomerangs, knives and woomeras (spear throwers) long before he received exotic weapons training in the Special Air Service. Growing up on a remote station, not far from the Haast Bluff Aboriginal Reserve, he acquired many of the skills that would enable him to outmaneuver Cobra in trouble spots around the globe.

“S.A.S. troopers are a tough lot. They think wrestling crocodiles is a sport for sissies and shouldn´t be engaged in by real men with important things to do. Now, Skymate, he´s one of the toughest of the lot and he´s twice as dangerous because, on top of being tough, he´s quiet and fast. Not the bloke you´d want soaring down on you on a dark night with a compound bow in his hand…”




Blue visor
Pink boomerang
Yellow compound bow