Sgt. Slaughter/Slammer v3

Code Name: Sgt. Slaughter/Slammer

Drill Instructor

File Name: Classified Top Secret

SN: 817-76-8179

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry/Drill Instructor

Secondary Military Speciality: Warthog A.I.F.V. Driver

Birthplace: Parris Island, South Carolina

Grade: E-7 (Sergeant)

Crazylegs could have been the greatest organist in the world if his fingers weren´t too short. The Airborne Rangers don´t care how perfectly he can play Bach´s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, they´re only concerned with his willingness to jump out of a helicopter onto a hot LZ* with nothing but a rifle, a couple of grenades and the best wishes of your commanding officer. Crazylegs is Airborne Ranger qualified and has been cross-trained as a forward artillery observer.

* Landing Zone

“Sgt. Slaughter/Slammer thinks it´s his personal mission to kick every boot in the Pendleton. This guy can drill his trainees into the ground for 72 hours straight before he breakes a sweat. His favourite pastime is marching over the boys backs while they do finger pushups in the mud, and spewing out brutal verbalities. Whenever he gets behind the wheel of the Warthog he´s like a raging bull in a china shop, tearing up everything in his path! He runs it through the gauntlet, hammering at it and crushing it into the ground as if it where another ´wet-behind-the-ears´ recruit. He´s gotta be that way, ´cause no one is going to cut you a break on the battlefield. If it´s not as tough as he is, he doesn´t want it!”



Green hat