Code Name: Rumbler

R/C Crossfire Driver

File Name: Swilley, Earl-Bob

SN: 654-56-8723

Primary Military Speciality: Fast Attack Vehicle Driver

Secondary Military Speciality: Armorer, Small Arms

Birthplace: Raeford, North Carolina

Grade: E-4

Rumbler´s future as a revenue agent was cut short by his propensity toward high-speed car chases through the piney woods in pursuit of moonshiners and tax stamp dodgers. After totalling seven government vehicles, it was thought to be in the best national interest for Rumbler to transfer to a branch of service equipped with sturdier vehicles and dedicated to the pursuit of individuals or organizations less inclined to sue the government.

“What you do is sling Rumbler and his Crossfire under a heavy-lift chopper and drop them on the run from twenty feet up, fifty miles behind enemy lines. Sort of like dropping a weasel in a henhouse. You know you´re going to see some feathers fly…”

The name “Earl-Bob Swilley” does not identify any known, living person.



Brown helmet
Grey machinegun (not shown here)