Major Storm

Code Name: Major Storm

General Commander

File Name: Swanson, Robert G.

SN: 785-2113-GE00

Primary Military Speciality: General Commander

Secondary Military Speciality: Long Range Artillery Officer

Birthplace: Providence, Rhode Island

Grade: O-4

Major Storm accumulated his skills the hard way – in the field. He´s forgotten more about armour tactics than most tank commanders will ever know in their lifetimes. He is a battle hardened warrior who has driven the big ones – the M60A1 and the M1A1 all-purpose battlefield crusher. To him, the General is just another heavily armoured chunk of goverment hardware that was designed to defeat Cobra – it´s just bigger than anything he´s ever commanded.

“From the commander´s seat of the General, Major Storm can scan the battlefield with an amazing array of sensors, including third generation image intensifiers, infrared detectors, pulse doppler radar and laser range finders. All this electronic hodge-podge is controlled be an advanced computer guided system that only the Major can decipher. The General boasts more firepower than an entire 155mm howitzer battery and its anti-defence system is second to none! To the dismay of the crew who keep it rumbling, Major Storm still refers to it as ‘his tank’!”



Gold helmet
Gold handgun (not shown here)