Long Range

Code Name: Long Range

Thunderclap Driver

File Name: Fritz, Karl W.

SN: 909-6655-BN23

Primary Military Speciality: Thunderclap Driver

Secondary Military Speciality: Artillery

Birthplace: Warwick, Rhode Island

Grade: E-7

Long Range was a kid who never grasped simple arithmetic. He did, however, master complex trigonometric and calculus problems with ease. When he was old enough, Long Range joined the Army, in particular, the Artillery corps. It was here that he utilized his trigonomic capabilities to plot the trajectory of artillery shells aimed at long-distance targets! In no time, he amassed the highest percentage rate of on-target knock outs the corps had ever seen. That is why he is commonly referred to as “The Knock Out Man”!

“Long Range can drop a round on a dinner plate at a range of 15 miles, in one attempt, given an accurate topological map and up-to-minute wind and barometric pressure readings. In layman´s term, that means he can fire a round from the outfield of Giants Stadium in the New Jersey Meadowlands and it will land directly on second base in Shea Stadium in Flushing, New York! Incredible!”



White helmet
Black handgun