Code Name: Lift-Ticket

Tomahawk Pilot

File Name: Miller, David J.

SN: 675-51-5671

Primary Military Speciality: Rotary Wing Aircraft Pilot

Secondary Military Speciality: Fixed Wing Aircraft Pilot

Birthplace: Wimborne, Dorset

Grade: WO-2

Lift-Ticket was one of those guys who joined the army to get out of his hometown. The big difference with Lift-Ticket is that he scored so high on the aptitude test, that he qualified for O.C.S. (Officer Candidate School) and Flight Warrant Officer School. Nobody in Winborne ever suspected he was that smart. Apparently, neither did Lift-Ticket, since he opted for Flight Warrant School over the others, thinking that it was the only one that offered training applicable to civilian employment.

“Getting into a target area is comparatively easy – you wait until dark and get sneaky. Now, getting out after some caps have been popped and a can o’ firefight’s been opened; well, that’s another story. All you can do is squat on the L.Z. (landing zone) and hope that whoever’s driving the extraction chopper is skillful, persistent, lucky and bulletproof. Lift-Ticket satisfies the first three requirements…and he’s working on the fourth!”



Black microphone