Hot Seat

Code Name: Hot Seat

Raider Driver

File Name: Provost, Michael A.

SN: 442-56-DI96

Primary Military Speciality: Raider Driver

Secondary Military Speciality: Drill Instructor

Birthplace: Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Grade: E-7

Hot Seat could have been a heavyweight contender. He had a left jab like a jack hammer, reflexes like liquid crystal, and the tactical mind of a 5-star general. He just wasn´t too crazy about the job security or the probability of permanent brainstem damage. When asked for preferences on his enlistment, he replied, “Anything fast and furious!”

“The Raider is a fast, heavily armed, all-terrain, armoured fighting vehicle that is perfect for modern, behind-the-lines confrontations! But a fighting machine, no matter how sophisticated, is only as effective as its operator. Hot Seat consciously works at attaining a sense of ´oneness´ with his vehicle. He strives to make it respond to his will, in order to accomplish those feats which others consider to be impossible.”



Black helmet