Heavy Metal

Code Name: Heavy Metal

Mauler M.B.T. Tank Driver

File Name: Grant, Steven R.

SN: 632-45-6200

Primary Military Speciality: Artillery

Secondary Military Speciality: Finance

Birthplace: Liverpool, England

Grade: E-4

There are sections of Liverpool that are less accessible to outsiders than the mountains of Transylvania. In Heavy Metal’s old neighborhood, a trip to Wirral (just across the Mersey) was considered a major expedition. Aspiring to become middle class was daydreaming, pure and simple. Heavy Metal enlisted to go to Finance School, his ultimate goal to become a Accountant. But one day at Catterick, he watched a column of tanks roll by and was never the same again. He put in for a transfer to Artillery that same day. Qualified expert: 7.62 SLR, M-16, M-1911A1, M-2 50 cal. MG and M-60 MG

“Many people find comfort in order and discipline. Mathematics reduces the complexities of the world to manageable sums. Heavy Metal likes tanks. They are immutable statements in iron.”



Black machinegun (missing strap on picture)
Brown microphone (not shown here)