Code Name: Ghostrider

G. I. Joe Phantom X-19 Pilot

File Name: Jeffries, Jonas S.

SN: 112-30-7140

Primary Military Speciality: Phantom X-19 Pilot

Secondary Military Speciality: Aeronautical Engineer

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Grade: O-4

Stealth isn’t simply a matter of technology, it is a state of mind. It isn’t enough to wrap yourself in a blended-wing, polymer-composite airframe with shielded air inlets and vectored nozzles, all covered with black, “iron-ball” radar-absorbent paint. True stealth means having the nerve to fly “nap of the earth” at high speeds, without activating electronic sensors or guidance systems that might tip-off enemy radar. It is ridiculous to fly such an aircraft at a low altitude because it was designed by engineers whose priorities centered on radar-invisibility rather that structural integrity and maneuverability. This doesn’t seem to matter to Ghostrider.

“Ghostrider has been working on not getting noticed since the second grade. He may have been the only person to make it through the Chicago public school system without ever cleaning an eraser or washing a blackboard. Teachers never noticed him, not because he was dull or lackluster, but because he consciously worked on not being noticed. That’s how he is in the cockpit of a Phantom X-19. He’s willing himself to be invisible!”



Red scarf