Code Name: Dogfight

Mudfighter Pilot

File Name: King, James R.

SN: 882-0041-RT87

Primary Military Speciality: Mudfighter Pilot

Secondary Military Speciality: Electronics Technician

Birthplace: Providence, Rhode Island

Grade: O-2

Dogfight was permanently eighty-sixed* from every carnival and county fair in Alabama for winning too many stuffed bears. The combination of his uncanny depth perception, precise hand/eye coordination, and powerful throwing arm enabled him to knock down all the wooden bottles with just one pitch, everytime. Now, he uses those same skills to destroy Cobra H.I.S.S. II tanks and Maggots!

* Forcibly ejected and forbidden to return!

“The Cobras hear the Mudfighter first, that big-bladed unducted fan makes a racket like a giant mutant lawn mower. Chances are good that Dogfight will be diving out of the sun with his thumb dancing a fandango on his bomb release trigger with all the Mudfighter´s guns blazing. By that time, it´s far too late for evasive action or return fire!”



Black handgun