Code Name: Doc


File Name: Greer, Carl W.

SN: RA 367-22-1097

Primary Military Speciality: Medical Doctor

Secondary Military Speciality: Chaplain´s Assistant

Birthplace: Concord, Mass.

Grade: O-3 (Captain)

Graduated from Harvard Medical School, completed residency at Johns Hopkins. Hoped for a guarantee of a G.I. Joe assignment upon enlistment. Told flatly that the Army made no such deals, Doc enlisted anyway and achieved his goal through ordinary channels. Graduated Airborne School, Mountaineering School, and Desert Training Unit.

An avowed pacifist, Doc believes that “the G.I. Joe team is the best we have. We send them into the worst situations imaginable because that´s where we need them most. When the going gets rough, they need something more than a pill-roller. I´m their main man!”



Tan helmet
Black flare mortar
Dark green stretcher