Deep six

Code Name: Deep Six

S.H.A.R.C. Diver

File Name: Willoughby, Malcom R.

SN: RA 226-96-0917

Primary Military Speciality: Diver

Secondary Military Speciality: Small Crafts Pilot/Motorized

Birthplace: Baltimore, MD

Grade: PO 2nd (Master Diver´s Rating)

Deep Six never won any awards for being friendly. Became a Navy diver so that “I could be alone”. Enjoys bottlecap collecting, solitaire and the New York Times crossword puzzles. Only 12 out of 50 Nayy divers passed the strict requirements for the coveted diver position on the Joe Team. Eight washed out in the practical application testing. Of the 4 finalists, Deep Six could hold his breath the longest.

Torpedo says: “Down in the depths where light doesn´t reach and the water pressure can crush you like an eggshell – that´s where Deep-Six likes it!”



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