Code Name: Cutter

Hovercraft Pilot

File Name: Stone, Skip A.

SN: RA 403-54-0688

Primary Military Speciality: Hovercraft Captain

Secondary Military Speciality: Special Services
(coach the women´s swimming team at Annapolis)

Birthplace: Kinsley, Kansas

Grade: Lieutenant J.G.

Cutter badgered his congressman for two years to get into Annapolis. Then realized his family lacked two essential ingredients: power and influence. Opted for the Coast Guard Academy instead.

Wanted a life at sea even though hometown is as far away from either ocean as you can get (exactly 1,561 miles from San Francisco and NYC). His iron will and contrary nature, laced with a truly bizarre sense of humour, might explain why.

Found out that the Action Force team didn´t have any Coast Guardsmen. Raised such a stink that the Coast Guard top brass had to pull every string necessary to fix it. It also gave the brass a way to get Cutter out of their hair.



No Accessories