Cutter v4

Code Name: Cutter

Coast Guard Specialist

File Name: Stone, Ronald “Skip” A.


Primary Military Speciality: Aquatic Vehicle Operations

Secondary Military Speciality: Coast Guard Officer

Birthplace: Kinsley, Kansas

Grade: O-2 (Lieutenant J.G.)

Cutter knows the high seas better than any fish in the ocean. But when a snake like Cobra decides to get its feet wet, best to be prepared for a big splash! That´s where Cutter comes in. Like a great white shark with a ravenous appetite, Cutter is always ready to take a bite out of Cobra whenever they wreak havoc in the world via the sea

He may have been a typical land-lubber as a kid in Kansas, but after a family trip to Florida at age 14, Cutter was hooked on the sea like a sailfish on a 100-pound test line. His experience as a Coast Guard skipper in hunting down drug smugglers on the high seas made him a perfect catch for G.I. Joe team´s Aquatic Defence Division. Cutter likes nothing better than sneaking up on unsuspecting crafts and pounding them like a tidal wave. Now, instead of scouring the oceans for drug-dealing slime-balls, he patrols the sea for something else that´s even more slimy…Cobra!





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