Code Name: Cross-Country

H.A.V.O.C. Driver

File Name: Blais, Robert M.

SN: RA 555-38-6214

Primary Military Speciality: Armour

Secondary Military Speciality: Heavy Equipment Operator

Birthplace: Greensboro, North Carolina

Grade: E-5

Cross-Country´s father was a bulldozer operator and his mother drove a grader. You might say he was born to drive big yellow things that run on diesel. Coupled with this natural affinity for heavy machinery, his uncanny sense of direction and fearlessness under fire make him the man you want at the controls whether you´re riding into a hairy situation or trying to get out of one! Qualified expect with Heavy Laser Cannon, M16A2, M-2 50 cal. MG and .45 Auto-Pistol.

“Crank-Case might be a wildman behind the wheel of his A.W.E. Striker, but Cross-Country will steer that H.A.V.O.C. of his across terrain that would break both axles of the RTV. Of course, a tracked vehicle has natural advantages, but it is Cross-Country´s talent for sensing the most favourable grade, the shallowest mud and the firmest sand that makes the difference.”



No Accessories