Cold Front

Code Name: Cold Front

Avalanche Driver

File Name: Donahue, Charles

SN: 834-1965-TH56

Primary Military Speciality: Avalanche Driver

Secondary Military Speciality: Fire Control Technician

Birthplace: Kansas, USA

Grade: E-7

Cold Front was born so close to Fort Knox, he was breathing diesel fumes from the old M-60s as his cradle rocked to the distant concussion blasts from the turret guns on the Shermans. Growing up, Cold Front became interested in the tanks. He studied many tactics and strategies from the Korean War to the present. When he was eighteen, he enlisted in the Army and because of his knowledge of tanks, was assigned to the 3rd Armoured Division. There he gained valuable experience before he was re-assigned to G.I. Joe´s Arctic Patrol! He became such a crackerjack tank driver that Gen. Hawk put him in charge of the meanest tank ever to rumble through the tundra – the Avalanche!

“Cold Front cannot allow himself to drive a car because he´ll destroy it. A well built station wagon lasts about two weeks in his hands and is usually not salvageable for parts. After he was pulled out of the wreckage of his last civilian vehicle, he remarked, ´I keep forgetting they´re not tanks!´”




Orange visor
White microphone
White handgun