– Air Commandos

Code Name: Cloudburst

Glider Trooper

File Name: Ram, Chuck

SN: 036-4848-RG31

Primary Military Speciality: Aeronautics

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantry

Birthplace: San Diego, California

Grade: E-4

Not content with simply flying hang gliders, Cloudburst designed and built his own working prototypes as a teenager in San Diego. Later, after joining the Army, he was instrumental in the development of ultra-stealth gliders for military recon and special-troop insertion and is currently on special assignment to the G.I. Joe team as the in-house glider specialist.

“Cloudburst won´t settle for almost or pretty good. He is constantly updating his gliders and redesigning his flight gear to cut down on drag and radar signature. He knows that his services will be called upon when all other methods for covert troop insertion are deemed impractical, and that can happen only if the situation is hairy to the max.”



Blue visor (not shown here)
Bright red/pink machinegun