Code Name: Armadillo

G.I. Joe Rolling Thunder Driver

File Name: Makepeace, Philo R.

SN: 319-52-4887

Primary Military Speciality: Armored Assault Vehicle Driver

Secondary Military Speciality: Advanced Reconnaissance

Birthplace: Ft. Huachuca, AZ

Grade: E-7 (Sergeant First Class)

Armadillo is in command of the most heavily armed assault vehicle in the world – the Rolling Thunder! He´s the most reliable driver in the whole G.I. Joe motor pool! Armadillo is versed in all the latest land assault technologies and his experience as a vehicle driver is second to none! When it came time to select a driver for this most formidable attack craft, Armadillo was the shoe-in for the job!

“Armadillo is no fun to ride with! You put him behind the wheel of anything with big tires and he just plain loses his sense of humor! His only concern becomes accomplishing his objective and getting to his destination. He used to make good time driving big rigs, but he just left too many people pulled over to the side of the interstate with their teeth rattling. Nobody complains about the way he drives the Rolling Thunder. He gets you there, right?”



No Accessories