Ace v5

Code Name: Ace

Air Force Fighter Pilot

File Name: Armbruster, Brad J.

SN: 335-98-6725

Primary Military Speciality: Fixed Wing Pilot

Secondary Military Speciality: Intelligence Operations

Birthplace: Providence, RI

Grade: O-4 (Major, USAF)

Motto: “You only get one shot at me, when it´s my turn, you´ll crash and burn.”

Ace would rather fly than do anything else. He´s a legend in the sky with an outstanding mission record. He joined the G.I. Joe team after serving as a senior instructor for the USAF´s Fighter weapons squadron (known as the “Aggressors”). Put him in the cockpit of any high-powered craft and he´ll be performing daring acrobatic maneauvers that other pilots would consider impossible. Suffice it to say, he´s an expert – qualified to fly the F-5E, F-14 and F-16 fighter jets. Always looking for the thrill of higher, faster, better – the Conquest X-30 was exactly the challenge he had been looking for. Its highly sensitive computer controls compliments his fast reflexes and target acquisition capabilities. Cobra pilots know, once he´s on their six, it´s all over for them. His only major character flaw in cut-throat poker. Gambling would ordinarily disqualify any applicant from the team, but since he NEVER loses, it can´t really be called gambling.

From General Hawk´s files:
“Ace is a fast-thinker with great judgement skills. His knowledge of air-combat and dog-fighting are extraordinary. A man you can trust anytime – except at the card table. He has what it takes to accomplish the mission and bring himself and the aircraft home in one piece.”




Grey/transparent helmet