Ace v3
– Battle Corps

Code Name: Ace

Ghoststriker Fighter Pilot

Ace would rather fly than do anything else. During high school, he worked after school and weekends to pay for flying lessons. He spent one year flying pipelines in Alaska and two years stunt flying for movies before enlisting in the U. S. Air Force at 22. He joined the G. I. Joe team after serving in pilot combat training school as a senior instructor to the U. S. A. F.´s Fighter Weapons Squadron (known to most aviators as “The Aggressors”). He´s an expert pilot qualified to fly an F-5E, F-16, XP-14/F and the Ghoststriker X-16 jet. He has one major character flaw: cutthroat poker. But in Ace´s case, you can hardly call it a flaw because he NEVER LOSES! That´s why he´s called Ace!

“Once an enemy is in my sights, I blast´em from the sky then turn´n burn back home!”



Black/Gold helmet
Black mouthpiece
Black submachine gun