Shockwave v3
– D.E.F.

Code Name: Shockwave

S.W.A.T. Specialist

File Name: Faria, Jason A.

SN: 369-09-6543

Primary Military Speciality: Special Weapons and Tactics

Secondary Military Speciality: Choir

Birthplace: Dearborn, Michigan

Grade: E-7

Vehicle Speciality: G. I. Joe Patriot driver

A former choirboy and Detroit police officer, Shockwave had all the qualifications to be the point-man for the special G. I. Joe D.E.F. detachment. Every special weapons team needs a “door-kicker”. He´s the guy who crashes through the barricade first with all weapons blazing to find out how bad the situation really is. At least on his D.E.F. assignment, the brass have seen fit to supply Shockwave with a mobile robot-tank battering ram to save him a bit of shoe leather on the door-kicking part. Now, if only they could teach the robot how to shoot straight!

“I never know what´s on the other side of that door. That´s why I´m there, to kick it down! Do you think I´d do that if I knew what was behind it? Get real!”




Black helmet
Black machinegun
Black ram-missile
Yellow tank