Mutt & Junkyard v3
– D.E.F.

Code Name: Mutt & Junkyard

K-9 Officer & Attack Dog

File Name: Perlmutter, Stanley G.

SN: 2315-5690-MA10

Primary Military Speciality: K-9 Officer

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantry

Birthplace: Iselin, New Jersey

Grade: E-5

Vehicle Speciality: G. I. Joe Super Sonic Fort America driver

Mutt and Junkyard have worked together for so long, they no longer need to give each other audible or visible signals. It´s almost as if they function as one organism. On D.E.F. operations, Junkyard sniffs out contraband substances and sets up the bad guys so Mutt can take them down with his dual net launcher! If the bad guys decide to put up a fight, they´d better be prepared to get ripped to shreds be a howling, savage beast and then they´ll have to contend with the dog!

“Taking drugs is just stupid, but dealing drugs is outright evil! Somebody has to try to stop it. It might as well be me!”




Black dog
Black gun
2xblack missiles w/net
Blue missile launcher