Cutter v2
– D.E.F.

Code Name: Cutter

Sea Operations Specialist

File Name: Stone, Skip A.

SN: RA40-3540-688

Primary Military Speciality: Vehicle Operations Specialist

Secondary Military Speciality: Coast Guard Officer

Birthplace: Kinsley, Kansas

Grade: O-2

Vehicle Speciality: G. I. Joe Barracuda helmsman

Intercepting drug-runners in coastal waters and on the high seas is a specialty of the U.S. Coast Guard and that´s where Cutter learned his craft. He was the skipper of a high-speed drug interceptor craft before he transferred to the G. I. Joe team and now, on special assignment to the D.E.F., he can utilize those hard-earned skills to the max! Armed with a rocket propelled grappling hook launcher, Cutter can snag escaping speedboats crammed with illegal drugs, or scale the back walls of suspected hideouts and still have one hand free to shoot-it-out with the bad guys!

“Nothing makes my day like taking down a big dealer. Seeing the look on his face when he realizes the high times are over and it´s off to the Federal Pen for the rest of his miserable life! What a satisfying feeling!”



White flashlight
White submachinegun
White tripod
Orange missile launcher
White missile w/hook and string