Knockdown – BF2000

Code Name: Knockdown

Anti-Aircraft Specialist

File Name: Gonsalves, Blaine M.

SN: 501-32-4065

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Microwave Technician

Birthplace: San Francisco, California

Grade: E-5

Knockdown was a member of the test crew on the cancelled “Sgt. York” DIVAD anti-aircraft system and on two other secret development projects at Aberdeen Proving Grounds before he was tapped for the G. I. Joe Team. His ability to repair radar systems, infrared sensors and target tracking computers is invaluable under battle conditions where Murphy´s Law prevails. And if he has to, he can aim and fire manually with minimal loss of accuracy.

“Knockdown likes to go skeet-shooting with a bolt-action rifle. He thinks it´s more sporting. According to him, anybody can hit a clay pigeon with a shotgun! He collects butterflies and moths – just plucks them out of the air with his fingers. Knockdown is also an authority on air disasters – maybe to replace his morbid fear of flying.”



Green helmet
Silver gun