Dodger – BF2000

Code Name: Dodger

Half-track Driver

File Name: Renwick, Richard

SN: 439-67-9256

Primary Military Speciality: Armoured Vehicle Maintenance

Secondary Military Speciality: Electronics Maintenance

Birthplace: South Bend, Indiana

Grade: E-7

The modern armoured, fighting vehicle operator has access to a varied array of high tech driving aids and Dodger is well versed in the use of all of them, including the holographic night-vision goggles (holographic lens system combined with phosphorus image intensifying tube), thermal-imaging range finders, noncoherent pulse Doppler radars, and computer-driven, multimode situational displays.

“This guy was driving tracked vehicles before they had any of these fancy new gadgets. If he has to, he unbuttons the hatch, sticks his face in the wind and steers by instinct and guts. Sure, he´s an expect with all the new hardware, but who knows if it´s all going to work when the chips are down? Dodger isn´t dependent on them, and that makes him somebody you can depend on…”



Grey microphone (not shown here)
Silver rocket rifle