Blocker (Visor) – BF2000

Code Name: Blocker

Four-wheeled Vehicle Driver

File Name: McCarthy, DAvid B.

SN: 500-63-0163

Primary Military Speciality: Mechanised Recon

Secondary Military Speciality: Special Services

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts

Grade: E-5 (Sergeant)

Blocker drove a taxi in Boston for three years. After seven armed robberies, three backseat births, and one near fatal plunge through a collapsing roadway, he decided it was safer to drive something armour-plated with the ability to shoot back. He is qualified to drive every wheeled vehicle in the Army inventory and was the test driver for a half dozen prototype vehicles at Aberdeen proving grounds.

“I´ve seen him go over into a complete roll at high speed, recover and keep on going. He takes on the slalom minimally at 85 mph and doesn´t tip nary a cone. The skid pad? Don´t even ask. All that and he does it with vehicles built to military specs. Amazing!”



Silver laser gun