Zarana v1.5 – Dreadnoks

Code Name: Zarana

ZartanĀ“s Sister

Zarana is a professional assassin who gains access to her victims through skillful acting and masterful use of make up and disguise. While her brother Zartan concentrates on the purely physical aspects of disguise, Zarana works from the method actor’s point of view: to completely became the object of her impersonation – to think, feel react like another person. She is an expert in small arms, explosives and edged weapons.

“Zarana could have had a brilliant career on the professional stage if the evil in her nature hadn’t been so strong. She throws tantrums, cuts ahead in queues, and never leaves a tip. She posed as an oral hygenist for six months on one assignment armed only with a reel of specially coated dental floss to incapacitate her unwitting victims. She escaped, dressed as an old lady hobbling on a walking stick, right passed the police and into a cab. The taxi driver remembered her… she didn’t leave a tip.”



Red backpack
Black rifle w/blades