Zanzibar – Dreadnoks

Code Name: Zanzibar

Dreadnok Pirate

File Name: Morgan Teach

Birthplace: Cayman Islands

Zanzibar was raised on a rubbish dump and spent most of his formative years lurking on crowded piers with his hands in other people’s pockets. He tried his hand at river piracy, stock fraud and smuggling but found all of it too much like real work and not nasty enough for his tastes.┬áHis lucky break came when he delivered a load of bootleg petrol to Zartan’s filling station and was immediately taken on as a Dreadnok.

“This guy is so nasty that even the other Dreadnoks hate him! He sneaks around at night and goes through their pockets for change. He takes one bite out of each jam doughnut and throws them back in the box. He brushes his teeth with pepsi and never changes his socks!”



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