Gnawgahyde – Dreadnoks

Code Name: Gnawgahyde

Cobra Poacher

Gnawgahyde could have single-handedly decimated the herds of all endangered species of Africa, if his fellow poachers hadn´t railroaded him off the continent for cheating at cards, being generally obnoxious and smelling bad. He was subsisting on his earnings as a freelance fur stealer when he was recruited by Cobra at an all-night café.

“He takes his hunting and tracking very seriously! Gnawgahyde won´t bath for a month before he goes out into the bush so the animals will not smell the soap on his body. He greases himself with rancid hog-fat and eats what he can trap and shoot in the wild. Gnawgahyde does this so that the chemical additives of processed foods won´t alter his body chemistry and scare off the game with too human a scent. It´s a good thing he´s basically anti-social!”



Black backpack
Black bow
Black rifle
Black bipod
Brown hat
Silver knife
Silver machete