Code Name: Toxo-Viper

Cobra Hostile Environment Trooper

Cobra Toxo-Vipers are thrust into battle situations mainly to create a foul and unsuitable environment, thus giving the upper hand to Cobra. Their battle suit is moderately air-tight and resistant to most solvents. If the suit was made completely impervious to atmospheric dangers, it would be awkward, slow-moving and most importantly, expensive. Cobra leaders feel that Toxo-Vipers should be encouraged to get their jobs done as quickly as possible, unburdened by heavy and expensive equipment.

“Needless to say, being a Toxo-Viper is not something a Cobra trooper aspires to be. In fact, the assignment is meted out as punishment for major offenses. The mere threat of being transferred to the ‘leaky suit brigade’ is enough to keep even the most obstreperous troops in line.”



Black backpack
Black hose
Black rifle
Brown/blue helmet