Code Name: Techno-Viper

Cobra Battlefield Technician

Modern battles involve expensive, complicated machines and it is inevitable that these machines sustain enemy inflicted damage, succumb to driver-error or simply break down of their own accord. It is the mission of the Techno-Vipers to provide field maintenance support and combat-engineer capability to the frontline Cobra troops. Techno-Vipers can repair STUN´s, build bridges and retrievc large heavy machines from seemingly inaccessible places.

“Just because the Techno-Vipers carry wrenches and jacks, don´t underestimate them! They work their way up from the ranks of Vipers and each one is a qualified Cobra infantryman. They also function as sappers and are always called on as the first wave in assaulting a heavily fortified position!”



Black backpack
2 x black hose
Silver laser rifle
Silver claw arm
Silver wrench arm
Silver hammer arm